Signal : What to know about WhatsApp’s new challenger ?

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram… : social medias ‘influence is increasing day by day. They have literally interfered in our daily habits and several people use these applications every day, for millions of reasons. It was not known by many people. But early in 2021, it has become a very popular App. Let’s know more about Signal, the new WhatsApp’s challenger.

About the App

It has taken more than 4 years for Signal to get known and popular among messaging’s applications. We could say it is a  WhatsApp’s mistake  that gave Signal a name and made millions users know the new App . In January 2021, WhatsApp has shocked its users by revealing they will share personnal data with Facebook. And of course, that news made many WhatsApp’users migrate to others platforms that will secure their personal data. Then, Signal made its appearance.

By the way, Signal App is born in 2014 from a merger of two others messenging Apps : TextSecure and RedPhone. Its first version has been published  29th July 2014. Signal has gained a lot of popularity and new users especially because of its privacy’s policies. With Signal, personal data are secured and all messages are encrypted.

How to use the App ?

Signal works exactly as WhatsApp. Text messages, voice messages, photos and video can be shared on Signal. The App offers also voice and video calls' option. It's available for Android, iOS and  computers and can also be used for sending not encrypted SMS or MMS. You can dowload the Signal App for free and open an user’s account  with your phone’s number. Then, you can chat and share every message you want with your family, friends and relatives without fearing anything for your personnal data. The app allows you to communicate with any other Signal’s user. You can also invite a non-user to join the App with an adding link. Signal App is a highly secured and safe app used by some popular names like Elon Musk.


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